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  • Start fundraising now!

    Start fundraising now! Shop for hope in many shapes and colors.

  • Style that can save your life.

    Style that can save your life.

  • Rachel Tobin, founder and designer.

    Rachel Tobin, founder and designer. Next mission is medical school
    to continue helping others.


for your charity or

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$10 from every item

purchased is donated
to the charity of
your choice.*

*Medical Alert Jewelry excluded

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Save 30% off entire purchase and FREE ground shipping within the Continental U.S.from 11/23/15 - 11/30/15.
All jewelry is made with love for your cause
Always Have Hope Collection - $35
Rachel Sydney Collection - $50 and up
Medical Alert Jewelry

*Offer does not apply to custom, wholesale or previous orders. *Join us again in December when cause related sales are back and $10 from every purchase benefits the charity of your choice.